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Mykonos Island, Greece


Probably the most famous Greek island, Mykonos is one of the top-of-mind holiday destinations around the world. Particularly popular among LGBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans Gender) travelers from all over the world, Mykonos is famous for its magnificent beaches, intense nightlife, gourmet restaurants and an overall luxurious and elegant atmosphere, which promise to host your most memorable holidays in Greece!

Life in Mykonos begins early the morning with music, cocktails, swimming and fun by the beach. Enjoy the warm Greek sun and swim in the cold, green-blue waters of the Aegean Sea. In Mykonos, you will also find different options for dining - from luxury restaurants to traditional fish taverns, you always have something tasty to accompany your holiday moments. The intense nightlife of Mykonos features caf├ęs, lounge bars and dance clubs, most of them located in Mykonos Town (Chora). Spend your night dancing and having fun in some of the most popular clubs in the Mediterranean.

The near-by island of Delos with the important archaeological site, offers an excellent opportunity for a daily excursion to ancient Greek history.

Mykonos Beaches

One of the most important characteristics of Mykonos that distinguishes it from other islands, are the numerous beaches, located all over the island's coastline. The beaches of Mykonos are considered to be among the best of Greece. Particularly in the South, the picturesque coves with sandy beaches follow one another.

Most beaches can be reached by car or motorbike, since the radial roads of the island starting from the Mykonos town stretches nearly to each corner. Also, many Southern beaches are linked with each other with a boat operating on a regular service, all day long during the summer period, which offers the visitor a very interesting excursion opportunity.

Apart from the small beach near the port of Mykonos, which many visitors and city residents prefer due to its most convenient location, the most popular beach of the island include Elia, Paragka, Psarrou, Super Paradise, Paradise, Ornos. For more information, you may visit